National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) Level 2

What is this qualification?
This is an exciting opportunity in which Senior Leaders can gain a nationally-recognised qualification in leadership.
The programme will develop your skills as a Senior Leader in a school. The focus of the NPQSL qualification is school improvement, and successful participants will demonstrate how effective leadership can improve practice in classrooms. This is the basis of the final assessment.

Who is the programme for?
The NPQSL programme is designed for Senior Leaders with cross-school responsibility, and is appropriate for experienced Middle Leaders, Deputy Heads, Assistant Heads, SENCOs, advanced skills teachers and other senior staff looking for excellent professional development. While this programme will not prepare you specifically for headteacher roles, our participants have found that the NPQSL programme provides good preparation for further work in NPQH and as a headteacher.

Programme structure
NPQSL will usually take up to a year to complete. It is split into four modules each of which constitutes 50 hours of work. To obtain the NPQSL qualification you will be required to complete two essential modules and two elective modules of your choice.

Essential Modules
-Succeeding in Senior Leadership
-Closing the Gap

Elective Modules
-Improving the Quality of Teaching
-Effective Whole School Management
-Leading Change and School Self-Evaluation
-Leading Professional Development
-Effective Partnership
-Working Research and Development in Teaching
-Leading in a Diverse System

We employ a blended learning approach that includes face-to-face learning, online module work, peer networking and practical work in your school. In these components you will be supported by our expert facilitators and specialist Lead Online Facilitator. We are particularly proud of our facilitated online short courses, which complement the face-to-face sessions and provide support for the essential modules.
Our participants find that allocating time to independent learning outside the face-to-face sessions is particularly rewarding, as they can reflect on their own leadership style and skills. We expect a degree of independently-directed outside reading and reflection.

Assessment of module work is conducted online. For your final assessment you will be required to lead a team in undertaking a school improvement task in your establishment. The results of this task will constitute the final assessment material, which is evaluated by the East Midlands Leadership Centre.
For detailed information about the content of the modules please see the DfE website.

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Who is the programme run by?
Paul Brooks the Subject Matter Expert.