Elklan Speech & Language training

Elklan Speech & Language training in partnership with Cornwall Teaching Schools Together

Speech and Language Support for 3-5s

Elklan, the speech and language training trainers, have a long history of running accredited training courses in the UK. Established in 1998 Liz Elks and Henrietta McLachlan, Speech and Language Therapists (SLT’s) have built up an enviable reputation in the field of training teachers and assistant staff through using local SLT’s who have been specifically trained to deliver our externally accredited courses. Between us we have trained over 60,000 accredited learners across the UK and around the world.
Elklan is passionate about supporting staff to facilitate all children’s language development and to help reduce the word gap which is too often being seen in our schools and early years settings in Cornwall. Completing an Elklan course will provide staff with many skills to use every day in their practice to support all children including those with more specific communication needs.

What does the training involve?

• Attending a three day intensive course
• Completing a portfolio of evidence to which proves competence at either level 2 or 3. Participants choose the level at which they wish to study. Support to achieve this will be given by the course tutor.
• Using the practical strategies taught throughout the course in the setting.
What can be achieved?
• Award in ‘Speech and Language Support for 3-5s’ at either level 2 or 3 depending on the level at which participants choose to study.
• As the course is accredited at 9 credits this represents 90 hours’ work, however 24 of these hours are accounted for in completing the training days. This leaves a further 66 to complete, it is NOT 66 hours of writing! It involves discussion with colleagues, planning, implementing activities with the children and then writing up, many people find they can complete this in a lot less time so don’t be put off it’s worth it!

How does the portfolio work when I am completing a course in 3 days?
The course will be intense as there is a lot of information to cover in three days. The portfolio will therefore be completed over the subsequent 10 weeks. You will be expected to submit the work each week via Elklan the e-portfolio system.

What is taught?
• What is communication?
• Adult child interaction and non-verbal communication.
• Developing play, listening and attention skills.
• Understanding and using vocabulary and visual strategies.
• Understanding beyond simple sentence, developing language for learning – a presentation of the ‘Blank’ Language Scheme which promotes understanding of questions and development of verbal reasoning.
• Modifying an adult’s speech to help children understand, an exploration of the strategy ‘Information Carrying Words’ (ICW’s)
• Developing children’s understanding and use of sentences.
• Promoting effective communication and social skills.
• Supporting children with unclear speech.
• Management of stammering and embedding newly learnt skills within everyday activities.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for teaching and assistant staff working in Reception and Nursery classes and all Early Years staff in Childrens Centres, playgroups etc.

£395 - for a 3 day programme to include the accreditation fee and Early Language Builders book.
Dates - 10th May, 20th June & 12th July 2019
Venue  - Atlantic Centre Newquay

How can I find out more?
Visit our website, www.elklan.co.uk for more information or ring Elklan, 01208 841450

Bookings - please complete the booking form here - if you need help woith bookings please contact us