Teach-Meets 2018-2019

Tt CPD for teachers, by teachers!



Date: Thursday 14th March 2019

Time: 4.30pm-5.45pm

Venue: The Atlantic Centre, Newquay. (Directions can be found below)

Once again, we have an exciting line-up of practitioners in place, all of whom are keen to share their practice with us. All KTSA teachers and trainees are welcome to attend.

Our theme for this term is:

Collaborative Learning… revisited!
According to Education Endowment Foundation, collaborative learning has a moderate impact for very low-cost, based on extensive evidence. The 4 padlocks on the image below suggest how secure the evidence is. In this case, using 3 or more meta-analyses to draw conclusions.

What is it?

Collaborative learning can be defined as learning tasks or activities where pupils work together in a group small enough for everyone to participate on a collective task that has been clearly assigned. This can be either a joint task where group members do different aspects of the task but contribute to a common overall outcome, or a shared task where group members work together throughout the activity.

How effective is it?

Effective collaborative learning requires much more than just sitting pupils together and asking them to work together; structured approaches with well-designed tasks lead to the greatest learning gains.

How secure is it?

Evidence about the benefits of collaborative learning has been found consistently for over 40 years and a number of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of research studies have been completed. In addition to direct evidence from research into collaborative learning approaches, there is also indirect evidence where collaboration has been shown to increase the effectiveness of other approaches such as mastery learning or digital technology.

Find out more!

We look forward to seeing you at The Atlantic Centre on Thursday 14th March. Coffee and tea will be available from 4.00 pm. The event gets under way at 4.30 pm.

Please indicate on the KTSA website how many people will be attending from your school. There is no need for each individual teacher and/or trainee to complete the booking form unless they are the only person attending from their school.

If you would like to book a place then please complete the booking form here

Directions to the Atlantic Centre can be found here (Do not follow Sat Nav!)