NQT Induction Programme 2019-2020


Do you have an NQT that needs to undertake or complete their NQT induction?

If so, then why not register your NQT on KTSA’s bespoke induction programme?



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At KTSA we understand that the transition from being a trainee to an NQT can be challenging and therefore we would like to offer all NQTs across Cornwall the opportunity to be part of our successful NQT programme.
We have designed a programme that helps to ensure that all NQTs are provided with high quality support and CPD at the start of their career. The programme also provides individuals with the opportunity to meet other NQTs.

Our primary offer:

The KTSA acts as the registered Appropriate Body. Having an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement and an NQT cannot start their induction period until an Appropriate Body has been agreed. The Appropriate Body are required to register NQTs and for reporting the NQTs progress against the Teachers' Standards to NCTL, finally confirming whether the NQT has been successful.

The programme includes the following:
• Registration of the individual;
• Quality assuring and processing assessments;
• Induction day for NQT, including a half day of behaviour management training;
• Induction for school based mentors;
• Six CPD sessions (1.30pm - 4.00pm on a half termly basis), led by expert practitioners;
• As part of our QA procedures, three school visits (one per assessment period), which includes a meeting with the mentor to review progress, paired observation and a review of the NQT file, including progress against action points;
• Opportunity to network with other NQTs;
• Access to KTSA Teach Meets;
• Online and telephone support for schools and NQT;
• Additional support can be provided e.g. coaching, but this may incur an additional cost.

Would you like to know more?

Contact: Sonya Herbert – Programme Lead
Email: sonya.herbert@tlat.org.uk


How do I register my NQT?

Please note that all NQTs should be registered within their first two weeks of starting.

To register your NQT with our programme click here to download the registration form.

If you don't yet have the details for your NQT you can register your interest here

2019/20 programme

Costs - £650