National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML) Level 1

Programme Outlines

The NPQML Programme typically takes up to one year to complete, during which time participants will complete six Areas of Study:
• Leading with Impact
• Strategy and Improvement • Increasing Capability
• Teaching and Curriculum Excellence • Working in Partnership
• Managing Resources and Risk

Our Programmes are designed around a blended learning approach which incorporates: three 'Face to Face' days [F2F] covering the Areas of Study; three, two-week Online courses, and Self-Supported Study by joining an Online Professional Learning Community. All of this covers up-to-date content, knowledge and skills. The Online courses have a central focus on 'learn about' - theoretical knowledge and understanding; whilst the F2F sessions focus on 'learn how to' - application and practice.

In addition to the six Areas of Study, there are also seven Leadership Behaviours which set out how a leader should operate on a daily basis. These are:
• Commitment
• Resilience • Collaboration
• Integrity • Personal Drive • Awareness • Respect

These behaviours are covered throughout the Programmes but mainly during the F2F days. To evaluate each candidate’s strengths in each Behaviour, a 360o self-assessment is completed before the Programme begins and another at the end to assess personal growth and leadership development.


There are three elements to the award of the National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership:
completion of all the expectations in the Online courses; attendance at all the Face-to-Face days and the final assessment of a school improvement project against the criteria for the award of the qualification.

NPQML Assessment Tasks Description – one project divided into two parts

Project Summary
Working with my team to:
a. improve pupil progress and attainment
b. team capability (4500 words)

Content Areas Assessed:
Part A: Strategy and Improvement, Teaching and Curriculum Excellence, Leading with Impact
Part B: Managing Resources and Risks, Increasing Capability

Programme Costs

Full cost of Programme LSSW scholarships are based on 2017 Spring PLASC returns for your school Total Payable
£1150 Full cost of the programme without scholarship £1150
LSSW scholarship £150 Primary schools with 101 - 200 pupils on roll £1000
LSSW scholarship £300 Primary schools with 100 pupils or less on roll £850

Making your application

The next NPQML application window will open on Friday 15th March and will close on Wednesday 24th April 2019

 Visit the LSSW website to download an application form and return it to

You will require your seven-digit Teacher Reference Number and your school’s six-digit Unique Reference Number (URN). School details can be found by searching for your establishment which can be found at 'Get information about schools'

Who is the programme run by?

director bob mitchell

Bob Mitchell, Strategic Director

 More details and application information for the programme can be found here