Primary School Improvement Package


KTSA SIP Brochure

The Kernow Teaching School Alliance (KTSA) delivers an outstanding Primary School Improvement package for the following Multi Academy Trusts:

  • Kernow Learning Trust
  • Newquay Education Trust
  • Cornwall Education Learning Trust 
  • Wave MAT

This partnership has a core focus on improving the lives and outcomes for all children, in all schools. The Trusts all work collaboratively together to ensure that more children receive an outstanding education. Our positive outcomes are the result of a successful journey from pre-school settings and Early Years through the five Key Stages. The Trusts always share good practice and work hard to support one another.

Within the Teaching School we have:

  • Ofsted Outstanding Schools
  • Good Schools with Outstanding Features
  • National Leaders of Education
  • Local Leaders of Education
  • Specialist Leaders of Education
  • National Leaders of Governance
  • Experienced and current Ofsted Inspectors


The KTSA Primary School Improvement Offer:

The KTSA aims to support governors, leadership teams and all staff on the journey of improvement. Schools purchasing our Primary School Improvement package can expect extensive activity and support. School improvement sessions for school leaders are held once a month. We focus on a range of topics which have included deep dives in reading, the broad and balanced curriculum, safeguarding, disadvantaged pupils, monitoring, mentally healthy schools, work-life balance, growth mindset and governance. We also ensure that senior leaders receive regular Ofsted updates. These sessions are led by a wide range of professionals, including national speakers, Ofsted inspectors and a range of experts from our own schools.

The audience for the School Improvement Sessions are Primary Heads/Principals and Deputies /Assistant Heads. Where appropriate subject leaders or other staff with key responsibilities may attend.

Academy Improvement Visits:

All partner schools/academies will have a termly school Challenge Partner visit with an experienced leader of school improvement. Each visit has a specific focus and at the end of the visit each school will receive a formal monitoring report. 

Governor Training:

  • All schools/academies are asked to identify up to two data governors who will attend training and meet termly. You can send new governors to these sessions if your data governors move on!
  • All KTSA governors are invited to attend an Annual Governor Conference which provides individuals with the opportunity to attend a range of workshops for example: Safeguarding, asking challenging questions, the role of the governing body during Ofsted, the broad and balanced curriculum. This year’s conference is Friday 3rd May.
  • Chairs of Governors meet to discuss topical issues and problem solve and these sessions are led by a National Lead Governor.

Moderation Sessions:

Termly moderation sessions are held for Foundation Stage, Year 1, KS1, Years 3/4/5 and KS2. All sessions are led by experienced teachers and relevant year group staff are invited to attend. Maths, Literacy, Foundation Stage and Assessment leaders groups meet regularly for those wishing to share expertise and best practice.

Early Years Foundation Stage:

With an outstanding infant school as one of our members we can offer support to schools/academies in relation to current statutory requirements as well as more general issues relating to the management and organisation of Early Years settings.

‘Teach Meet’ Sessions:

These fast paced and exciting ‘Teach-meet’ events will provide a fantastic forum for sharing inspiring ideas, insights and strategies. Attendees will leave invigorated and eager to try out the things they have heard about with their own classes.’ These sessions will be held at different KTSA schools over the course of the year. Schools who buy into the package can send their teachers to these sessions free.

Curriculum Leaders:

Those responsible for leading maths, English, history and geography, science and ICT are invited termly to attend and lead subject leader meetings. 

Raising Achievement:

Each term leaders responsible for raising the achievement of disadvantaged pupils are invited to a network meeting led by Andy Brumby. This provides the opportunities to share the most recent research, but also an opportunity to share good practice.

Ofsted Support:

We offer pre-inspection support if schools/academies are approaching inspection and we can be available during inspections if required.

Annual School Improvement Conference:

All member schools/academies will have access to the KTSA Annual Conference which is always held on the last Friday of Autumn Term 1.


We provide a school-hours helpline service for schools/academies and promise to respond within 24 hours of contact. (Monday to Friday)

For more information about the programme contact:

Tracey Chapman, KTSA Administrator: