School to School Support

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The expertise available within our teaching school alliance allows us to support colleagues across all educational phases and roles.
The KTSA has colleagues with a wide range of expertise to support you and we are happy to work with individuals, departments, leadership teams, individual schools or partnerships of schools.

Schools do not have to be part of the KTSA or join the KTSA to receive support though they are welcome to do so. The KTSA is happy to work alongside other organisations to provide support packages.

We can offer bespoke support and training at

EYFS/FS, KS1-5, and Academy Conversion & Business Management.

Schools are also able to purchase a comprehensive Primary school improvement package.

We are able to provide support to:

*Support staff (class-based, school-based and including Highe Level Teaching Assistants)
*Administrative and Finance staff including school business managers
*Teaching staff (including class teachers and specialist teachers)
*Leadership staff (including middle and senior leadership as well as coaching and mentoring for principals and executive principals)
*Governors (including Clerks)

If you would like to discuss how we can support your school please contact us