Specialist Leaders of Education

Julie Jenkin - Minor, Curriculum, CTG, Music, Maths & English

Jess Daw

Jess Daw - Teaching & Learning, Outdoor curriculum

Charlestown ACE Academy

Job Roles: Assistant Headteacher, DDSL and Class Teacher

Specialism(s): Teaching and learning, specifically outdoor learning.
Phase(s): KS1 and 2
I have worked as a primary school teacher and in various leadership roles for 8 years. I love being outdoors and in my early teaching years I saw the benefits of being outdoors on children’s learning, behaviour and well-being. With the support of my school, I completed an NVQ level 3 in Forest School leadership. Following this I set up a Forest School based off site from the school and took groups of children from across the school down to the site to participate in outdoor learning activities. As my experience and skills developed, I began to train staff and lead outdoor learning across the school. I am now at a point where I have worked with other schools in developing their outdoor learning and can offer support and advice in using outdoor learning to support a range of curriculum subjects, especially creative writing. A recent project in our school on raising standards of boys writing was heavily focused on the use of the outdoors. I have also lead interventions for children with social, emotional and mental health needs in the outdoors and can offer advice on how to fund and lead these types of interventions successfully.

lara Simmons

Lara Simmons - EYFS

Trenance Learning Academy

Designated SLE for Early Years

I have been teaching for 7 years at Trenance Learning Academy in Newquay. During this time I’ve been fortunate to play a key role in a school that has rapidly transformed itself from a position where standards were in decline to now being outstanding and significantly above National Expectations in all areas.

I lead the Foundation Stage that consists of 120 pupils, five teachers and a large number of support staff and services. The Foundation key stage at Trenance is larger than most Cornish Primary Schools. Through coaching, demonstration, modelling and supportive collaboration I ensure that the quality of teaching remains at an outstanding level.

We are a Read Write Inc model school and teachers from a range of other schools in the county regularly visit to observe outstanding practice and gain advice and coaching in implementing our methods. I have led Kernow Collaborative Trust YF moderation sessions which have allowed time for collaboration and sharing good practice.

Since Trenance became a multi-academy trust, I have found my role grow to encompass support across all our academies that have seen standards rise and confidence grow.

Working closely with other local schools is something I am thoroughly enjoying and look forward to this continued development. During my teaching career I have tutored a wide range of Early Years students and NQTs in the best Early Years development. I am a positive and forward thinking practitioner and would relish the opportunity to inspire and motivate other Foundation Stage teachers and support staff.

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steph Begley

Stephanie Begley - EYFS

St Columb Minor ACE Academy

I completed my BA (HONS) in Early Years in 2008 where I then embarked on my first teaching job as an NQT in Foundation Stage. It is that job at my current school that has seen my Early Years career progress from class teacher to Foundation Stage leader. My ten years’ experience in EYFS has enabled me to share practice across a wide variety of settings developing positive working collaborative partnerships. I currently lead a Foundation Stage of 90 children and 6 adults. My passion for teaching and learning is rooted in EYFS practice where independent and creative minds are developed. As an experienced EYFS leader I have developed the practice of middle leaders, EYFS trainee teachers and NQTs. I have supported a number of local schools on a variety of different areas that link to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, some of these projects have included:
• Quality assurance of ‘on entry’ and exit judgements.
• Learning environment evaluations.
• Data analysis and target setting.
• Work book scrutiny and planning feedback.
• Developing reading and writing opportunities for boys
My ambitious drive to improve standards within my own setting has seen the % of children achieving a good level of development at the end of Reception increase yearly with the children making good progress from their starting points. Within the last three years I have been engaged with supporting other practitioners either by visiting the setting itself, or welcoming staff from other settings to my EYFS provision and have looked at key areas with them to enable them to improve their own practice. A particular interest of mine is identifying ways to close the gap in attainment between the gender groups, in particular, writing. Much research and improved practise has been evaluated to ensure that practise is consistent and responsive to the children’s needs. I am extremely passionate about working within the EYFS and am looking forward to sharing this and my enthusiasm with others alike.

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holly lewis

Holly Lewis - EYFS & EYITT

Treanance Learning Academy

Holly has 25 years of primary teaching experience (and the grey hairs to prove it!) across keys stages in this country and abroad.
She specialises in early years education and has significant expertise in outdoor learning, phonics and numeracy. She has had a range of leadership roles in different settings including Year lead for Early Years, Leader for Natural Learning and Mentor for ITT.

Holy is currently delivering the EYITT programme for trainees in the KTSA

Holly is passionate about early years provision, and, giving every young person the opportunities they deserve to succeed and access the wonders our world has to offer in the most nurturing and supportive way.

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Lucy Newnham - English & Cross Phase Literacy

Newquay Tretherras

Current position: Deputy Head of English, Phase 1 and Transition Lead
Designated Specialism: Literacy Transition
Main Phase: Secondary

I have been a Deputy Head of English at my current school for 3 years and have been involved in transition for 7 years.

Over the last 7 years I have had a variety of different roles in the transition sector. Initially, I became involved in primary transition meetings - held annually - to discuss the movement of Year 6 students into Year 7. To develop this role, I sat in primary colleague meetings to discuss the support required for individual students. There needed to be a seamless transition in order to ensure Literacy levels did not dip upon entry to Year 7.
To support with this process, I collaborated in the production of a ‘Transition Booklet’, consisting of 20 lessons to support Primary Schools in their delivery of Literacy material after the summer SAT exams. The step-by-step booklet encourages students to complete activities and has mini lessons and explanations to explain new and potentially unfamiliar concepts. Further to this, I have delivered sessions to primary teachers to ensure success in their delivery of writing units; reading skills has also been a focus to ensure students in Year 6 can access the higher papers.

I believe that every student has the right to succeed in a school environment. The process of transition should not hinder this process. My passion is to ensure that all students have equal learning opportunities and are able to thrive in a Secondary School setting. I aim to support schools in this transition process and to reduce the gap in learning between Year 6 and Year 7, especially in Literacy. I feel that the strategies we have trialled
in my current school have meant that I have been able to become a reflective practitioner; as a consequence I am aware of more successful strategies.

I look forward to working with schools to support this process.

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Tania Findlay

Tania Findlay - English

St Newlyn East learning academy

I joined St. Newlyn East Learning Academy in 2013 as an NQT and the following year I was asked to lead KS2 Literacy.
I then went on to teach Year 6 and complete school improvement work for Literacy at both Foxhole Learning Academy and The Bishops’ Learning Academy- a role where I enjoyed working collaboratively with the KS1 and KS2 teams to raise standards for all pupils in reading and writing.

I am now back at St. Newlyn East working in Year 6. Having supported schools within TLAT, I am looking forward to being able to offer practical support and guidance to schools in the wider area as an SLE.

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Emma lawton

Emma Lawton - Teaching & Learning - English, Assessment for Learning

St Agnes ACE Academy

Job Roles: Deputy Head Teacher /ACE School improvement team

SLE designation - Teaching and Learning, English

I joined St Columb Minor Academy in 2000, during which time I worked as an AST for Assessment for Learning and Leading Literacy Teacher as well as being Literacy subject lead within my school.
I was promoted within the school in 2012 to Assistant Head teacher with responsibility for Y3 and 4 (6 classes) as well as continuing to lead English. I also led the Middle Leader Development training within our cluster and have had extensive facilitation training.
I am currently Deputy Head Teacher at St Agnes ACE Academy for 3 days a week and working as part of the ACE School Improvement Team for the remaining 2 days.
I enjoy working collaboratively to reach sustainable outcomes for each school.

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Kyja King

Kyja King - English, Phonics and Assessment

St Columb Minor ACE Academy

Job Roles: Senior Assistant Head Teacher /County KS1 Moderator

I have been teaching in Primary Schools for over 15 years and have had a range of leadership roles and responsibilities during this time. I am currently the Senior Assistant Head at St Columb Minor ACE Academy. Before this appointment, I was the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Key Stage 1. St Columb Minor ACE Academy is the largest all through primary school in Cornwall.
As a senior leader, I am passionate about improving standards for all children. I have developed particular areas of expertise across the primary range and have a successful track record of school improvement, particularly in phonics and literacy. I am currently responsible for leading literacy across the Academy. As part of this role, I have been responsible for implementing and driving forward school improvement priorities, including the implementation of our rigorous phonics programme.
I am also a KS1 Moderator for Babcock Education and have worked in this capacity for the past 6 years. This role has included supporting colleagues through the formal moderation process and helping colleagues feel confident to make informed judgements and secure national standards.
Working closely with other local schools is something I am thoroughly enjoying and look forward to this continued development.

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Lucy Holloway

Lucy Holloway - Leadership of the curriculum & CPD, with a specialism of English.

Wave Multi Academy Trust

I have taught for over 20 years in mainstream secondary schools and currently work as the Raising Standards Lead for English across the WAVE MAT of 7 AP schools, teaching students within the medical AP provision.

I hold the NPQH and in role as Assistant Head of a large secondary school led on whole scale curriculum design and change implementation. I have a Master’s in Education from the University of Bath and in remaining a lifelong learner myself, ensure that curriculum planning is underpinned by pedagogical research with the learner at its core.

Leading and managing change, systems and structures to support monitoring and evaluating, effective school governance, peer coaching to develop teaching and learning, leading whole school initiatives through building ownership, CPD are the areas of my experience.

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russ withers

Russ Withers - Leadership of Assessment, English and PE.

St Columb Minor ACE academy

I originally trained as a BEd Primary with honours (P.E specialism) at The University College of St. Mark and St. John – qualifying in 1998.

Since then I have taught in Yr4, Yr5 and Y6 - first in Surrey and then for the last 16 years at St. Columb Minor Academy. I have been the lead co-ordinator in P.E, Science, and D.T and am currently joint lead of English.

I am also an external county moderator of KS2 writing. During the last five years I have also engaged in outreach work – supporting numerous schools within our area.

Within my role as joint English lead I am currently running the KTSA Year 6 Moderation Group and have been developing a set of exemplification materials to help support writing assessment throughout KS1 and KS2.

I think I’m very lucky to be given the opportunity to educate the next generation and enjoy the challenge of helping every child reach their optimum learning potential. I’m now in a position to help all teachers achieve this challenge - through my role as an SLE.

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Jane Tong - English & Leadership of the curriculum


Pamela Waters - National English Hub Lead, Leadership of Literacy & Phonics

Trenance Learning Academy

Pamela has 17 years’ experience teaching across Key Stage One, she is currently a National English Hub lead &  Assistant Headteacher and Literacy Lead at Trenance Learning Academy, Newquay.

Pamela has worked as a trainer and consultant for Ruth Miskin Training, leading CPD in phonics and providing school improvement to many schools across the South West. In 2015 Pamela was awarded funding from the DfE to form a Phonics Partnership supporting local schools to raise standards in reading, she has recently received additional funding to repeat the project in 2017.

Pamela was interviewed as part of the 2010 HMI publication ‘Reading by Six, how the best schools do it’ and has worked with Oxford University Press to produce a school improvement ‘pathway’ in phonics.

Pamela became a Specialist Leader of Education in 2014.

Pamela is able to offer practical support and guidance to enable staff to teach focussed, engaging lessons and a range of leadership strategies to raise standards in teaching and accelerate progress for all pupils

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Laura Cossu

Laura Cossu - Phonics & Literacy

St Newlyn East Learning Academy

I have been a Year 1 Teacher for five years and Phonics Lead at St Newlyn East Learning Academy since September 2016. Previous to my role at St Newlyn East, I taught at Trenance Learning Academy, a model school for Read, Write, Inc. Before I became a class teacher, I worked as a teaching assistant specialising one-to-one phonics support. As well as leading Phonics and Key Stage 1 Literacy at my school, over the past few years I have mentored our trainee teachers and led Year 1 Writing Moderation sessions for several schools across the KTSA.

In addition to raising standards in Phonics at my own school, last academic year I supported three schools outside my Trust. This was as part of the SSIF Phonics for Fluency Project, during which I worked closely with head teachers, phonics leaders and teachers to improve the quality of phonics provision in their schools. The main focus of this support was to ensure the quality teaching of blending for reading. This intervention was hugely successful and all three schools’ Phonics Screening Check scores improved significantly as a result.
I am passionate about the teaching of quality Phonics as the foundation for ensuring children become fluent, confident and enthusiastic readers. Everything we teach our youngest readers paves the way for a fundamental lifetime skill!

As an SLE, I am really keen to offer my experience to schools through coaching, modelling and collaboration with enthusiastic colleagues.

Contact Laura

Tracey Milsom

Tracey Milsom - Leadership of Phonics and KS1 Assessment

St Columb Major ACE academy

Tracey has 15 years’ experience teaching across Key Stage One and the EYFS, she is currently Assistant Headteacher and Phonics Lead at St Columb Major Ace Academy.

Tracey recently worked with 3 schools in Cornwall as part of the Phonics for Fluency project. She worked closely with teachers, SLT and support staff to help them raise standards of reading and phonics within their school.
Tracey will help to put a Phonics Action Plan in place, which SLT can embed in their School Development Plan.

She provides SMART targets which offer practical support and guidance to enable staff to teach focussed, engaging lessons and a range of leadership strategies to raise standards in teaching and accelerate progress for all pupils

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jo band

Joanna Band - Cross Phase mathematics & KS2/3 transition

Newquay Education Trust


Job Roles: KS2/3 Maths Transition

Specialism(s): Cross phase Mathematics/Numeracy

Phase(s): KS2 and KS3

I originally trained as a primary teacher and predominantly taught in Y5 and Y6. I became KS2 coordinator in a 2 form entry primary school with responsibility for maths.
I began my current position, at Newquay Tretherras, as KS2/3 maths transition coordinator in September 2007. My role is to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary, maintain high expectations and continuity. I teach within our feeder primary schools and in Y7.
I have developed a maths scheme of work for all the primary schools within the Newquay Learning Partnership (NLP). This ensures high standards and consistency are maintained and transferred from primary to secondary. It also provides Y7 teachers an invaluable insight into new cohorts.
Newquay Tretherras alongside Newquay Junior Academy make up the Newquay Education Trust (NET). I work closely with Newquay Junior delivering and supporting Y6 maths.
Within my role at the secondary setting I have devised, implemented and deliver a Y7 numeracy scheme of work. This runs alongside the maths scheme embedding key skills and ensuring cross curricular links.

Contact Jo

Nicola Price - Maths

St Columb Minor ACE academy

Helen Willson

Helen Willson - Maths & curriculum

St Columb Minor ACE academy

Job roles: Assistant Head Teacher

I have over 15 years of experience working in primary schools and am currently Assistant Head Teacher at St Columb Minor ACE Academy where I have responsibility for Lower Key Stage 2 (6 classes). I have gained extensive experience during this time, developing and supporting colleagues in maths, humanities subjects, ICT and curriculum development.
I am a Maths Specialist Teacher (Mast) and have worked to help teachers develop their own mathematical understanding and practise both at St Columb Minor and through school-to-school support across the trust.
At St Columb Minor we follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). My knowledge of this, as well as the UK National Curriculum, has given me insight into good curriculum design, as well as its intent, implementation and impact.
I enjoy working with colleagues to clearly identify the scope of a problem and develop practical, effective solutions:
- I have recently led a group of teachers from across the ACE Multi Academy Trust to develop materials to support judgements in maths.
- I worked with teachers in 2 schools across the trust to help them to re-develop their curriculum, ensuring opportunities for children to acquire a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as opportunities to explore international-mindedness.
I have also worked with trainee teachers following a range of different pathways into teaching.

Contact Helen

Sue Green

Su Green - Maths

Wave Multi Academy Trust

My Philosophy

I believe that every pupil should be given the opportunity to discover and realise their potential. Through working in an Alternative Provision, I have seen that whilst a pupil may demonstrate behaviours that challenge, underlying that is the capacity to be a curious and engaged learner. My job as a teacher has been to encourage pupils to be the best that they can be, for themselves, and to help develop their self-confidence and resilience to a point where they can embrace the challenges that they face when engaging in education.

My Experience

My teaching career started in 2001 after completing the SCITT course through Truro College. I have taught Maths to secondary pupils aged 11 - 18 at all levels of ability and through a range of qualifications including Maths at A ‘level, GCSE, Functional Skills and Entry level. I have been a Head of Department in a Mainstream Secondary School and since 2013 I have worked in Alternative Provision as a Maths Teacher, Raising Standards Leader for the Maths for the MAT and now as a SENDCo. I am now working with pupils across the age range from 5 - 16 years in the APA which gives me the experience with all Key Stages of pupils.

My Specialisms

Maths (across all Key Stages)
Developing non-specialists to teach maths

Contact Su

Amanda Jack 1

Amanda Jack - Science

Wave Multi Academy Trust

Amanda has been teaching Science since 1995. She has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Biological Sciences and a PGCE in Balanced Sciences with Environmental Science.
Amanda taught in several mainstream schools in Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall, holding a variety of positions, before joining the Community Education Service in Cornwall as a teacher delivering GCSE Science in an online classroom.

Amanda is the Raising Standards Leader for Science and enjoys working with our teachers across the WAVE Multi Academy Trust Academies in Cornwall and Devon to deliver a high quality science provision.
Outside of work Amanda enjoys reading, craft, kayaking, SUP, and spending time with her family.

Contact Amanda


Jude Moseley - Music

Trenance Learning Academy

Designated SLE for Music

I have been teaching for 16 years at Trenance Learning Academy in Newquay. During this time I’ve been fortunate to play a key role in a school that has rapidly transformed itself from a position where standards were in decline to now being outstanding and significantly above National Expectations in all areas.

I lead Year 2 which consists of 150 pupils, six teachers and a large number of support staff . Trenance is larger than most Cornish Primary Schools. Through coaching, demonstration, modelling and supportive collaboration I ensure that the quality of music teaching remains at an outstanding level.

I initially trained in music, obtaining a Bachelor Degree with Dual Honours in Music and History at Keele University in Staffordshire. I also have achieved Grade 8 in Piano and the Theory of Music.

I feel passionately that music should be embedded in every aspects of children’s education. Over the last 16 years as music leader I have improved the consistency of musical experiences across key stages and identified any areas that needed improving to raise standards in the teaching of music throughout the school. I have observed and mentored all teaching staff through individual training and whole school insets. This has developed the confidence and delivery of music by non-specialist teachers.

I have established three choirs at Trenance, a Mixed, a Boys’ and a Staff Choir. I created community links with Newquay Male Voice Choir and now the members support the development of our boys’ singing weekly. 1n 2014 I created a Staff Choir. The staff gather weekly and have developed confidence and skills in singing as well as inspiring the children to sing. All choirs perform regularly within the community and in 2013 our mixed choir reached the National Music for Youth Festival and sang in the Birmingham Symphony Hall.

I have written a dynamic Creative Curriculum for Music throughout KS1. This has provided children with deeper learning experiences to improve standards and attainment. I have entwined Music into so many different aspects of school and community life and work tirelessly to give pupils extra – curricular opportunities to perform, enjoy and raise standards in Music.

Since Trenance became a Multi-Academy Trust, I have found my role grow to encompass support across all our academies. In this role I have worked in their Primary School settings to help improve standards and staff confidence.

Working closely with other local schools is something I am thoroughly enjoying and look forward to this continued development. I am a positive and forward thinking practitioner and would relish the opportunity to inspire and motivate other Music teachers and support staff.

Contact Jude

Mr Rob Bradley

Rob Bradley - ICT

St Columb Major

I am currently a Year 6 class teacher. I have been the ICT co-ordinator for several years in my current school. The school has undergone (and is still in the process of) a major technological transformation to ensure that it is up-to-date and that it equips the children for the challenges of a technological age. Having grown up with technology I am competent in using it and I enjoy using it. Within my own practice I am always looking for ways to try out new ideas making full use of technology which is available. I have supported the staff in adjusting not only to the new curriculum but also in the use of new technology. All of this has been recognised in the schools quick accreditation of the NAACE ICT mark. I have helped to support other schools within the ACE MAT and I am now in a position to do on a wider area as an SLE.

Louis Keveren

Louis Keveren - PE

I am currently a year 2 teacher and the PE lead at Trenance Learning Academy which is an infant school with 390 pupils. I have lead this subject area for 5 years with adventurous ideas and an open mind to make exercise and sport exciting as well as accessible for all our children.

I have written our PE curriculum to encompass each area of our creative curriculum, as well as important documents that ensure consistent assessment and progression in PE. I created our bespoke Sports Premium document that fell in line with government requirements as well as building upon our school plans.

So far I have introduced sea swimming into our Year 2 swimming curriculum and have introduced new activities from archery to fencing.
I like to lead PE with ambition and creativity and see no limit to what can be taught through P.E.

My role has continued to grow and I have been involved with school to school support- teaching across key stages in schools within TLAT as well as leading training sessions for the KTSA ITT students. This is an area of my role that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to more opportunities to do this in the future.


Emma Vyvyan - SEN & Behaviour Management & support for the Most Able

Wave Multi Academy Trust - Deputy Principal Penwith

Job Role: Lead SENDCo
SLE designation SEN Primary and Secondary

Specialism: Acorn Academy Cornwall is an Alternative Provision (AP) Multi Academy Trust (MAT) that comprises of 6 regional AP Academies and The Community and Hospital Education Service (CHES) a medical AP Academy. We provide support to enable pupils to reintegrate into mainstream or special schools; or in the last four terms of KS4, integration into the world of work or further education.
Phase: KS1, 2, 3 and 4

Emma graduated from Cambridge University, after reading Geography with Education, in 1998 and has since been a teacher in mainstream primary schools working across Key Stage 1 and 2, and latterly at Nine Maidens APA. After setting up the first Key Stage 3 Nurture Class in Cornwall she has grown into the role of Lead APA SENDCo, ensuring that our students’ special educational needs are identified and interventions put in place so that they can make the best progress possible in their learning and emotional/social development. Emma is a Thrive Practitioner and Thrive Train the Trainer working with schools to develop awareness, understanding, strategies and activities to help support students who have emotional, social and behaviour challenges, thereby enabling them to in their readiness for learning.Emma considers it a privilege to work with the young people in our APAs as they bring a zest to every day, encouraging you to be your very best to enable them to achieve and succeed. Emma also loves being with her family, pets and friends, and usually finds time to go Gig rowing, cycling and surf life saving coaching.

Example of work I have undertaken – so far:
ITT – Understanding behaviour for classroom management
ITT – Overcoming Barriers to Learning

L Ward

Lianne Ward - Attendance, Behaviour & Discipline

Wave Multi Academy Trust - Restormel Principal

Lianne Ward
Designated SLE for behaviour and attendance.

I am currently Vice Principal and SENDCO of Restormel Alternative provision Academy in St.Austell. Before this I managed the successful primary provision providing a Nurture Group Approach for pupils who were struggling to manage to challenges of a busy mainstream class in the mid-Cornwall area. I also supported schools with outreach work offering strategies and support to help improve classroom practice.

I am passionate about improving the outcomes for all students in education and have a proven expertise in managing challenging behaviour. I am committed to providing an outreach approach for schools and of sharing my expertise with other professionals.

Before working at the Alternative Provision Academy I taught in a large primary school for 16 years and have always had an interest in working with pupils with special educational needs. I have a proven track record of being successful in engaging the most reluctant of learners and enjoy using my nurturing approach whilst working with students.
This year I have been studying for my National Qualification for SEN with Plymouth University which I have now completed.

I am also a qualified ‘Thrive’ practitioner for childhood and adolescent age pupils. This has given me a greater understanding of reasons for the behaviour we see in school and effective strategies in how to manage these often tricky situations. It has also provided me with an assessment tool which can help monitor and identify areas for development for individual or groups of students.

Many students who are finding it difficult to cope in school have experienced early trauma, have insecure attachments and have not had their early needs met resulting in gaps in their development. As a result, these pupils display challenging behaviour often without apparent triggers. I am motivated to support teachers and school staff in managing these situations successfully.

Simon Rickett

Simon Rickett - Leadership of Behaviour and Discipline

Wave MAT - Carrick

Wave MAT-Carrick APA

I am currently Science and PE teacher at Carrick APA and Advanced Team Teach tutor across the Wave MAT. Alongside this I am a Pearson Assessment Associate Senior Team Leader for BTEC Sport, Coach Education tutor for British Cycling and designated Global ‘Expert’ or the Union Cycliste Internationale. These roles entail either managing the behaviour and learning of pupils or coaching and training adults in the management of positive behaviour with a focus on de-escalation, positive relationships and communication. My resent activity has included; the review of behaviour strategies and policies in APAs in Devon and Cornwall and CPD sessions in de-escalation with secondary, primary and outdoor education providers.

Prior to working in APA I worked for 18 years in further education colleges in Cornwall developing the curriculum and managing behaviour and engagement, to promote retention and achievement across the range of delivery, from 14-16 programmes through tertiary education and higher education. During this time I had the pleasure of contributing to the writing of foundation degrees and BTEC Level 3 National Diplomas. This was followed by a period of time working in different curriculum areas in a number of secondary schools and APAs across Cornwall.

In all these setting and experiences my focus has been on the promotion of positive relationships and engaging learners with a range of abilities in behaviours that develop relevant personal and academic achievement. In the coming months I will be working with educational psychologists and other professionals to conduct practical research activities in behaviour management and de-escalation that will further inform and enhance the support that I can provide for pupils, staff and institutions. I am committed to supporting schools and institutions in developing whole school attitudes and behaviours that promote positive experiences and achievement for staff and pupils.

emma french

Emma French - Safeguarding & Prevent

Trenance Learning Academy

Emma is the Safeguarding & Attendance lead for The Learning Academy Trust. She is also responsible for al training for PREVENT and safer recruitment



Celia Leonard - ITT

Charlestown School

Designated SLE for Initial Teacher Training and Newly Qualified Teachers.

I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 1996 with a B.Ed Hons 1st class. My first teaching job was in a 5 form entry middle school in London (bit of a baptism by fire really) and I stayed there for 5 years. I then went to be Head of Year in a 3 form entry primary school in Pinner, Middx. I moved to Cornwall in 2000 and have worked in a variety of schools and age ranges across the county.

I obtained by NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship) in 2007 and am currently working at Charlestown Primary School as Deputy Headteacher.

For the last 16 years I have been heavily involved in working with trainee teachers. I have worked closely with a range of providers and with trainees following all routes into teaching. I love this aspect of my work. I firmly believe that children deserve the very best of teachers and try to ensure that trainees in my care get the best training available to enable them to become outstanding teachers. My role includes not only supporting trainees with the rigours of the course but also supporting schools to provide the very best of training.

This belief is underpinned by a vision of education is that is child focused, teaching pupils to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills that will empower them to become independent learners but also caring, responsible citizens. I feel that education is concerned with assisting children to think and understand by promoting the ability to create, reflect, reason, argue and solve problems, allowing them to understand themselves, other people and the world around them and not just about assimilating facts. I feel my philosophy of education is implicit in my practice and have very high expectations of myself with regard to the quality of teaching and learning.

Since working with KTSA I have had the pleasure of working with School Direct trainees. It has, and continues to be, an incredibly rewarding experience. It is such a privilege to see the hesitant steps of new trainees turn into bold strides of creative, confident and skilled teachers.

Clare R 2

Clare Ridehalgh - School Business Management & Academy conversion

The Learning Academy Trust

Clare is designated as a Specialist Leader in Education for Academy Transition and Business Management.

Clare is the Business Director/Chief Operating Officer for TLAT. She has been employed by TLAT since 2010 and has undertaken the project management of the conversion process of 10 schools since July 2010. Clare is employed as the Business Director (DSBM, IAM) with responsibility for financial management, risk management, income generation, human resources, site management and policy development. She is advisor to TLAT Board of Directors and advisor to the Kernow Teaching School Alliance in the development of structure and systems.

Clare’s previous experience in the voluntary sector development work (CVS) focused on trustee development and volunteer involvement. As National Development Director of SOVA she was responsible for the development of innovative projects and the management of complex partnership projects with statutory and voluntary sector partners. As a member of the SOVA SLT she was responsible for strategic management of the organisation. Key responsibilities included project development, European Funding, HR, budget setting and monitoring, policy development and development of mentoring training and standards. Clare took the project lead on behalf of SOVA for the development of prison, probation and voluntary sector partnership work – accessing European funding to address the impact of employment on recidivism (Thorn Cross YOI).
As Director of MIND (Cornwall) she was responsible for all operational and strategic management of voluntary sector mental health service.





Gill Harper

Gill Harper - Academies and Academy Transition & SBM,, Financial Management, and Educational Sustainable Development

Gill is designated as a Specialist Leader in Education for her specialism of Academies and Academy Transition & School Business Management, Financial Management, and Educational Sustainable Development (which incorporates elements of Geography, PSHE and Science)

Gill is the Business Director for The Atlantic Centre of Excellence MAT and leads the Business Team for the Trust who provide Business Support to their academies. She is currently leading the Free School Project for the Trust. As a member of the Leadership team she co-leads the Trust’s Learning Beyond the Classroom Strategy Group and has extensive experience in developing Educational Sustainability in schools and has been instrumental in working with other leaders in the Trust to develop ‘Learning Outside the Classroom”.

Gill has been working in an Educational Business context for over 25 years. In 2011 she gained a degree in School Business Management and established a School Business Partnership supporting 7 schools (6 in Cornwall and 1 in Devon). During this time she project managed the conversion of 2 sponsored academies and 7 other schools into the Trust.
She has worked with the Ashden Trust to promote Educational Sustainable Development to schools in Cornwall and Devon and has undertaken active research programmes for them. Gill also specialises in income generation through successful bid writing and has supported the development of Nursery / Pre-school provision across the Trust.

RMH DSC 3891

Richard Horswell -Data Analysis and Assessment

Newquay Tretherras

Current Position: Director of Data & Information
Designated Specialism: Assessment & Data
Main Phase: Primary & Secondary

In 2003 I joined the Cornwall Council Local Authority Stats Team as a Statistician. During my 11 years with the Local Authority, I advanced to lead the team of 10, becoming the LA's Senior Statistician. During this time, the team, and I personally, were recognised for their excellent skills, ability and services to schools. During many Ofsted inspections, and prior to them, I was able to help schools make sense of the performance analysis available to senior leaders in schools and well as look at bespoke analysis wherever appropriate. Many school visits took place, meeting with and training leadership teams and individuals, including presentations to governors.

In 2014 I joined Newquay Education Trust, initially as a Data Manager before becoming Director of Data & Information a year later. This time has allowed me closer, continual, access to 'front line'. I've been able to utilise my statistical skills and educational performance measure knowledge into school settings, both at Newquay Tretherras and Newquay Junior School. I have also worked with schools across the Kernow Teaching School Alliance (KTSA) during this time.

Until recently I was also a Governor at a local primary school. During this time the school retained its "Good" status under a tougher Ofsted framework in 2014, with elements of outstanding practice.

My belief is that, in this ever-changing educational world, if information can be used timely and effectively, it can aid teaching and learning to ensure it is outstanding.